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Stored Procedures


Stored procedures can be executed via the script field in Queries. For example, the following code shows a query where the get_mfa_events.js stored procedure is executed:

POST /redrock/query


Stored procedures can also be executed via the script field in in the /JobFlow/StartJob endpoint. For example, the following code shows a query where the server_account_access.js stored procedure is executed as a job:

POST /JobFlow/StartJob

         "StartTime":"Fri, 02 Feb 2018 20:11:00 GMT",
         "EndTime":"Fri, 02 Feb 2018 21:11:00 GMT"


Some stored procedures take in parameters via an args field in the body and others take in parameters inline with the filename.

The following shows an example of passing multiple parameters via the args field:

POST /redrock/query

   	  "SelectQuery": "Select ID from VaultAccount where User = \"Administrator\"",
   	  		"Name" : "TestParam0",
   	  		"DisplayValue" : "Test0",
   	  		"Value" : "TestValue0",
   	  "To":"[email protected]",
   	  "Subject": "Test report",
   	  "ReportFormat": "html",
   	  "ReportName" : "MyReport"

Note: the args field may also contain parameters for pagination.

The following shows an example of passing the id parameter inline with the filename:

POST /redrock/query


Stored Procedures

The following is a list of available stored procedures.

Stored Procedures Executed through /RedRock/Query


Gets all roles with members.

Gets app access.

Gets a list of apps.

Gets devices that are in a specific state.

Emails a report.

Gets account checkout.

Gets all user activity.

Gets all application launches in the last seven days.

Gets all applications.

Gets application inventory.

Gets application launches.

Gets application launches with icon.

Gets app deployment to devices.

Gets all application launch events.

Gets all device activity.

Gets the device breakdown.

Gets the device enrollments.

Gets favourite dashboards.

Gets favourite reports.

Gets all multi-factor authentication events.

Gets all multi-factor authentication success events.

Gets role apps.

Gets the servers that have the most activity.

Gets the servers with the most checkouts.

Get servers by type.

Gets superrights.

Get all user activity.

Get all user activity events.

Get all user activity for an admin.

Gets a user's devices.

Gets all user roles.

Gets the names of all user roles.

Gets accounts.

Get the members of a role.

Gets activity for a collection.

Get activity for a database.

Gets activity for a discovery profile.

Gets activity for a domain.

Gets activity for a generic secret.

Gets activity for an mpaccount.

Gets activity for a server.

Gets activity for servers.

Gets activity for a subscription.

Gets logins for a server.

Gets a server count.

Gets the members of a role.

Requests access to a computer.

Gets server admin activity.

Gets server user activity.

Stored Procedures Executed through /JobFlow/StartJob


Assigns a computer role.

Gets the history of jobs.

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Stored Procedures

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